Kick off your weekend with travel and adventure with a group of like minded folks. And it's time for a digital detox, get ready to connect with nature and rejuvenate your body and soul. Bengaluru- the garden city is also known for its lush green mountains, rocky boulders, sun lit cloudscapes, hike through the forest, which are a few hours travel from Bengaluru city. The most popular places to visit around Bengaluru, especially for one day treks are the mountains like Kaivarabetta, Anthargange, Kunti Betta trek, Savandurga, Madhugiri Fort trek, Uttari Betta, Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta, Makalidurga trek and Nandi hills trek.

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The journey kicks off in the pre-dawn hours, as we set out on a drive to the base of Skandagiri. The trek begins in the cool darkness, guided by experienced trek leaders who ensure your safety and enjoyment The panoramic views of the surrounding hills, misty valleys, and the city awakening below that had a wonderful experience and cherishing moments.

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Kudremukh is a mountain located in the Chikamagaluru district in Karnataka. It is known as the second-highest peak in Karnataka. October to May is the best time to trek this place because at that time you can feel the pleasant climate. The mountain has a variety of birds like Malabar whistling thrush, imperial pigeons, and Malabar trogons. So you can achieve a wonderful trekking experience by choosing this tourist place.

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Gokarna Beach

Most of the beach tourist places have so many people, so you don’t get privacy and can’t able to enjoy your time. Gokarna Beach is a less crowded beach, that supports you to enjoy the journey with your beloved people. Recently Gokarna Beach is famed as a popular surfing location. That’s why It is the best place to spend your vacation, and you can relax your mind without changing your daily routines.

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Madhugiri Betta

Madhugiri Betta is the world’s second single monolithic stone hill, which is situated in Tumkur district, Karnataka. You can hike the mountain, but it's very difficult to complete. But there are many tourists who visit the place to climb up the mountain. On the top of the rock, you can find a fort which is the attraction of the place. You must visit the place because the architecture of the fort was constructed by the Vijayanagar Dynasty and they are beautiful.

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Kaivara Betta

Kaivara Betta is knows ad Kaivarra Thatayya in Telugu and Kannada. It is one of the attractive places for trekking tourists. Because the top of the mountain is an ashram that mainly focuses the pilgrimages. There are many people who come here and they get a spiritual enlightenment in their life. You can see the ancient cave temples by choosing this place in your trip list.

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Skandagiri is situated in Chikkaballapura district, Karnataka. It is a part of five famous hills that are found in the district. The place is known as the best trekking spot, inside the fort you can see a Shiva temple. There are many pilgrimages who come to visit this temple. You can visit the place with your friends or family, it is the best place to hike the mountain.

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